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FranBest. com has been interviewing Oxi Fresh franchise owners. One of the questions we always ask is:  "Why did you decide to become an Oxi Fresh franchise owner?"

Reason #1: Oxi Fresh' "Green" Cleaning Methods

The top reason franchisees give for going with Oxi Fresh is the "green" carpet cleaning technique and the eco-friendly philosophy of the company. (See ) Randy Tuitt, a multi-territory Oxi Fresh franchise owner, states: "We are very conscience about minimizing global [copegus 100mg pills $139.00] waste and minimizing impact to the environment.   That has been our lifestyle for the past seven years.   So to find a business that focused on that while providing the best customer experience, was a perfect fit for us. " Texas Oxi Fresh franchise owner Manny Alvarez states "We liked the green products and the way the carpets come out cleaned. " Don Rust, of Metro Atlanta, states "I wanted something that would first offer me a solid financial opportunity and finding an All Green Product was just an added bonus. " Todd & Mara Huntington, who own the Oxi Fresh franchises for North Raleigh & Cary, NC, were also attracted by the green cleaning methods, stating "We became interested in starting their own business and read about the immense growth of Oxi Fresh as a franchise organization and their organic approach to cleaning.   Being first time business owners, and also having a young family of our own, we became highly interested in Oxi Fresh’s greener cleaning method" , who own the Oxi Fresh franchise for North Alabama, were looking for a carpet cleaning company that stood by their products and services, and that also had "a natural, green option. " Both the owner, Randy, and his 7-year old son Jonah suffer from severe asthma and allergies. All other carpet cleaning methods and products had made their symptoms worse. The Amy Butlers states: "Oxi Fresh is the only product that actually improved their health when used in our home, plus…it’s actually works!!!"

Reason #2: The Effectiveness of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Nearly as many franchise owners cited the effectiveness of the Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning system as its eco-friendliness. Says , Oxi Fresh franchise owner for Lancaster, PA:  "I saw how effective Oxi Fresh was at a friend’s house and I was instantly intrigued. I loved the product and was sold when I attended their Discovery Day. " , of Lehigh Valley, PA, agrees: "The product itself is so far superior to that of other cleaning methods that you’re left with truly, completely satisfied customers. "

Reason #3:  Oxi Fresh Franchise Support

Oxi Fresh franchise owner states that the Oxi Fresh franchise support programs played an important role both in their initial decision and also in their ongoing success.   Jennifer states:  "The management team at Oxi Fresh has helped our franchise grow and succeed. They are continually developing new and innovative ideas for the product, the marketing, support that help our company stand out from the competition.   They take away the burden of marketing and scheduling so that we can concentrate on providing excellent service to our customers in Lehigh Valley, PA. " Lani Chong, Oxi Fresh franchise owner for State College/Altoona, PA, values the fact that Oxi Fresh provides a centralized scheduling center on behalf of its franchisees.   Says Lani: "I needed flexibility in my schedule and having the call center gave me the flexibility to grow a business without sacrificing the level of service given to customers. Copegus 100mg pills $139.00 "

reason #4:  low cost of entry & operations

pa franchisees the cooks state that, with the oxi fresh franchise, "the cost of owning our own business was less than we ever anticipated. " Jeffrey Decker, Oxi Fresh of Tri Cities, VA copegus 100mg pills $139.00, states "I wanted to experience what it would take to operate my own business. copegus 100mg pills $139.00 After looking into a few, probably a lot of franchises, I decided on Oxi Fresh because of its low cost of operation, and technology used. " Sean McDermott, franchise owner for , states that Oxi Fresh has given him the chance to make a positive impact on his community: "We were looking for long term investment opportunities in our community, and the Oxi Fresh product and business model seemed to be an excellent contribution to Grand Rapids. " Whether they are interested in making a positive impact on the earth, on their own bank accounts, or both, Oxi Fresh franchise owners are an enthusiastic group.   Their enthusiasm is obviously contagious:  Oxi Fresh was recently named by Franchise Times as one of the in America. Visit the company website to learn more about the . Oxi Fresh franchise owners:  feel free to share your reason for choosing Oxi Fresh below.

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