Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Lancaster County, PA

Company name: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Lancaster County

Franchise owner: Clint Willman

Year established: 2009

Service area: Lancaster County, PA

FaceBook Page: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Lancaster County

Phone: 717.715.0538

What services do you offer?

Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Vehicle Seats

How do your services differ from your local competitors’?

We are the “World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner.”  We will use less than 3-gallons of water on an average sized home.  Your carpets will be dry in less than an hour and all of our products are child and pet safe.

What do your customers appreciate most about your Oxi Fresh service?

Many compliments that we receive deal with our customer service and the fact that we are a “Green” business that uses very little water and is child and pet safe.

What local, community and/or charitable groups do you support?

I am working with the Jewish Community Center and their Murder Mystery Gala.  I am a member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. I am a member of Universal Athletic Club’s “Universal Community Partners”

Why did you decide to become an Oxi Fresh franchise owner?

I saw how effective Oxi Fresh was at a friend’s house and I was instantly intrigued.  I loved the product and was sold when I attended their Discovery Day.

What would you like your customers (and future customers) to know about your company?

We specialize in customer service and knowing that our customers will feel be happy with all of our services.

6 thoughts on “Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Lancaster County, PA”

  1. Clint, we are really excited to have you as a part of the Oxi Fresh team! We look forward to seeing your business grow and become very successful. Thanks for your constant dedication to providing the great customer service. Know that the Oxi Fresh staff is here to support you whenever you need us!

  2. Clint:
    Thanks for bringing “green” carpet cleaning to Lancaster County, PA. Your enthusiasm, energy and dedication to customer service is a great addition to the business community here. Welcome!

  3. It’s good to find out more about you, Clint. I’m glad we’ve got more people out there promoting Oxi Fresh through quality cleaning, green products, and excellent customer service. I wish you the best! Also, what is a “Murder Mystery Gallery?”

  4. Great to see your dedication towards your customers Clint. We are excited for you to serve Lancaster County’s carpet and upholstery cleaning needs! Good luck with your business!

  5. Great points the most thorough cleaning in the business, a one hour dry time, AND its environmentally friendly?! So excited that you are spreading the word and providing great service in Lancaster County Clint! Keep it up!

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