Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of North Alabama

Oxifresh Carpet Cleaning of Alabama

Franchise Owners: Randy & Amy Butler
Year established: 2009
Service area: North Alabama
FaceBook Page: Oxi Fresh of North Alabama
Twitter ID: @OxiFreshAL
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/amyjbutler
Phone: 256-325-0941 residential 256-348-1734 commercial

[Pictured to the right is Oxi Fresh franchise owner Randy Butler and his son is James Butler (age 15).]

What services do you offer?

Commercial & Residential carpet cleaning – Upholstery- Tile & Grout

How do your services differ from your local competitors’?

We use all-natural, green solutions to help clean your carpets and protect your family from toxins.   We have a 7 day guarantee and are locally owned and operated.

What do your customers appreciate most about your Oxi Fresh service?

We strive for the best customer service and integrity in the business. We stand by our services and want to make sure our customers are left happier than they have ever been with any carpet cleaning in the past.

What local, community and/or charitable groups do you support?

We support The Huntsville Botanical Gardens through participation in the “Green-U” Festival.  We also support our hometown of Madison though participation in the “Madison Street Festival.” We sponsor our local hockey team, the Huntsville Havoc.  We offer free carpet cleaning 1x/ month to a local non-profit, Circle of Hope, which helps families who are struggling with their children facing fatal diseases/ illnesses. We are members of our Chamber of Commerce  & members of BNI.

Why did you decide to become an Oxi Fresh franchise owner?

We were looking for a carpet cleaning company that really stood by their product and services, along with having a natural, green option.  Randy, the owner, and his son, Jonah, age 7, both suffer severely from asthma and allergies and we could not find anything to use in our home to clean our carpets that didn’t trigger their symptoms worse. Oxi Fresh is the only product that actually improved their health when used in our home, plus…it’s actually works!!!

What would you like your customers (and future customers) to know about your company?

We just ask that you try us once. Once you see AND small the results, you will never look back.


9 thoughts on “Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of North Alabama”

  1. Randy and Amy, we have always appreciated your dedication to providing the best customer service, your attention to detail, your business integrity and support of your community. Its no wonder why your customers are drawn to use your service time and time again. We look forward to watching your continued success and supporting you along the way!

  2. Randy & Amy (and James?): It’s great to see franchisees actively supporting their communities, local charities and sports teams as you guys are. Amy, it’s also great to see you actively using social media (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to spread the word about your business and Oxi Fresh. Keep up the good work, and best of luck.

  3. Cool article about you guys! It’s good to be able to put a face to the person I’ve talked to over the phone. Also, I found the reason you guys decided to choose Oxi Fresh very interesting. You’re in the position of a lot of people with allergies and sensitivities, and there are just so few companies who can clean homes without making them miserable. Then you come in with Oxi Fresh and give them the relief they deserved. Cool.

  4. Are the chemicals and methods you use to clean with bio friendly? Because I am very sensitive to allergies and chemicals etc.

  5. Great to have insight on the fruition of Oxi Fresh of North Alabama. After reading the article, I understand why your customers are always satisfied with your service and products. You go above and beyond for your community which is deeply appreciated. We look forward to many more great years of you serving the North Alabama area!

  6. Definitely very cool and interesting to see why you guys found out about and were so interested in Oxifresh. I have family members with severe allergies and have recommeded the Oxifresh process to them. It is so very cool to hear how involved you guts are in the local community! I completely agree… try us once, hooked for life!

  7. Hi Tim!

    Our solutions are bio-friendly and we are the perfect service for people with allergies and sensitivity issues. My husband has severe allergies and our 7 year old son has asthma; OxiFresh is the only carpet cleaning that didn’t trigger any of their symptoms and actually improved the indoor air quality in our home, making it easier for them to breathe. That is the #1 reason we bought the franchise for this area because there is nothing else like it out in the market place.
    Please take a look at http://www.oxifresh.com and you will be amazed at the great product we have and how it can be the perfect fit for you.

    Thanks for reading and posting! Best Wishes and we hope to be of service to you in the near future.

    Amy Butler
    VP- OxiFresh of Alabama

  8. Todd & Kris,

    We can’t thank you enough for the kind words and support you show for OxiFresh. We truly love our business and know it is the best carpet cleaning EVER! We love our community and hope to be able to serve North Alabama for many more years to come.

    Amy Butler
    VP- OxiFresh of Alabama

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