Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of the Rockies

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of the Rockies
Franchise Owners: Brad & Cari Rohrich
Established: 02/01/09
Service area: Western Colorado
FaceBook Page: Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning of the Rockies Fan Page
Business Phone: 719-539-4648 (Chaffee County) or 970-668-9000 (Summit County)
Services offered: Commercial & Residential carpet cleaning – Upholstery

[Pictured, right, Oxi Fresh of the Rockies franchise owners Brad & Cari Rohrich]

How do your services differ from your local competitors’?
We use all-natural, green solutions to help clean your carpets and protect your family from toxins.   We are locally owned and operated.  We are “The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner.”  We will use less than 3-gallons of water on an average sized home.  Your carpets will be dry in less than an hour.

What do your customers appreciate most about your Oxi Fresh service?
We strive for the best customer service and integrity in the business. We stand by our services and want to make sure our customers are left happier than they have ever been with any carpet cleaning in the past.  Our customers love the fact that their carpets dry so much faster and that we are “The World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner”

Why did you decide to become an Oxi Fresh franchise owner?
We were looking for a carpet cleaning company that really stood by their product and services, along with utilizing all natural, green, cleaning agents.  Oxi Fresh has a fantastic product and service so it was a great fit for us.

What else would you like your customers (and future customers) to know about your company?
We will continue proving how great Oxi Fresh’s system is.  Give us a try and you definitely won’t be sorry.  We are very proud of our business and the fact that it is safe for our environment and improves your indoor air quality by removing toxins and allergens from your carpet.

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  1. It is definitely good to see that there are companies out there who use green cleaning products. I believe in carpet cleaning companies that do not dump gallons of water into the carpet when they clean. It is best to use “Green Cleaning” products as it will not leave a residue behind causing dirt to attract very quickly to the carpet fibers.

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