Todd & Jennifer Cook, Lehigh Valley, PA

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, Lehigh Valley, PA

Franchise owners:  Todd & Jennifer Cook

3426 South 7th St. Ext.
Emmaus, PA 18049
(610) 967-2777

Todd & Jennifer Cook own and operate the Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning franchise for Lehigh Valley, PA, which includes [town names].  They have been franchise owners since 200X.

FranBest: What do you offer your carpet cleaning customers

Todd: Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning has been an incredible product for us here in Lehigh Valley, PA.  Our customers love the way it cleans carpet.  The fact that it is a green carpet cleaning product makes our customers feel that it is better for their families and the environment. We especially love the process because it dries so fast and it is one of the best carpet cleaning process’s we have ever seen, Oxi Fresh uses the power of oxygen to break down the dirt in your carpet and then encapsulates the dirt in a crystal polymer that is easily removed from your carpet.

Jennifer: In tough economic times, people are choosier with where they spend their dollars.  Being the “green” carpet cleaning professionals has given us the point-of difference we need.  We provide our customers with a safe, and better alternative to replacing their carpet.   If you are looking to get your carpet cleaning done Oxi Fresh remains one of the top choices in the industry.

FranBest:  What are some of the other advantages you have as Oxi Fresh franchise owners?

Todd: We chose Oxi Fresh for 2 main reasons.  One, the cost of owning our own business was less than we ever anticipated.  And, two, the product itself is so far superior to that of other cleaning methods that you’re left with truly, completely satisfied customers.

Jennifer: The management team at Oxi Fresh has helped our franchise grow and succeed.  They are continually developing new and innovative ideas for the product, the marketing, support that help our company stand out from the competition.  They take away the burden of marketing and scheduling so that we can concentrate on providing excellent service to our customers in Lehigh Valley, PA.

FranBest: Thanks for sharing, Todd & Jennifer.  We wish you continued success in Lehigh Valley, PA.

Todd & Jennifer: Thank you.

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  1. Todd & Jennifer, your commitment to excellence shows in your customer satisfaction and retention. We are honored to have you as a part of the Oxi Fresh team. Keep up the great work!

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